Grade 2Maintained by:Laurie StockThomas S. O'Connell Elementary School
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This month I began looking for apps that could provide my students with additional practice counting money. The most valuable advantage to using some of these apps is the realistic pictures of money. The apps are a tremendous resource for this skill because many of the students just need more practice/opportunities to practice counting coins to become more proficient. My favorite for this grade level is Count Money - Coin Matching Game for kids by This app allows you to adjust the settings for a wide variety of levels. It allows students that are just beginning to recognize coins to match actual coins. For students on grade level there is the opportunity to count coins then match the coins to the correct price tag. The teacher has the ability to set the amounts as well so as to not overwhelm the students that are just beginning to count multiple coins. Once the correct level is set, the students can utilize the app independently with ease. Our money unit went much smoother than ever before and I strongly feel that the extra practice counting coins on the apps was the reason for this. Although I love using hands on materials as well, some students spend more time playing with the plastic coins than counting them. Also, the app provides instant and reliable feedback for correct or incorrect responses. This app does not keep data, so before moving to a more difficult level it is necessary to sit with the student during a session to be sure mastery has occured.