Grade 2Maintained by:Laurie StockThomas S. O'Connell Elementary School
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This month I searched for apps to assist with telling time to the five minutes. The students had such wonderful success with the extra practice apps provided during our money unit that I thought I may be able to find an app for telling time. The app that my students found the most motivating was Interactive Telling Time by GiggleUp Kids Apps and Educational Games Pty Ltd. I liked this app because I can adjust the levels of difficulty from 1 hour intervals all the way to 1 minute intervals. Also, the app provides several options for practice in a variety of ways for multiple learning styles. Such as: Student sets the hands on the clock to the correct time, student reads analog clock to set digital clock, puzzles, stop the clock (challenging) and different levels of learn the clock lessons. Again, I felt like the extra practice with instant feedback for correct responses was highly motivating for the students.