Grade 1Maintained by:Michelle A. Goodwin
Anna E. Norris Elementary School

SEPTEMBERIn the month of September I have focused my attention on learning how to use the ipad2 for teacher use and for student use. I have downloaded many free apps and have purchased many apps. Some of them have been useful and some I have discovered are not that useful. Some of the apps I have downloaded for teacher use are: calculator, show me, TeacherPal, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and Data Analysis. Some of the student apps I have downloaded are: ABC Phonics, ABC Alphabet, Little Speller, Phonics Blending Sounds, Word Family, Spelling Magic, Fun Rhyming, and Short Vowels.

Some of these apps have been useful and some of them have not. I have noticed that TeacherPal is useful for keeping records of your students all in one place, but the lack of manipulation within the app makes it hard to find what you are looking for quickly. I have also discovered that the Data Analysis app was more scientific than what I was looking for. I was looking for a program to graph students success in a simpler form.

The student apps have been great with one exception. One of the apps I downloaded did not do nearly what I wanted it to. Therefore, I asked the app store for a credit. It was a very expensive app and for what it did it was not worth the price to me. They very quickly credited my account.