Grade 1Maintained by:Michelle A. Goodwin
Anna E. Norris Elementary School

In the month of November I have found a few apps that have been great vocabulary builders for my ELL students. I have been very pleased with the apps I purchased. When viewing them at home I found that the there was no problem viewing the apps in their entirety. Once I was in school I discovered that I couldn't use two of the apps to their full potential. Two of the apps require You Tube video use. The IT department in the district cannot allow me to have wireless access for the iPad2 without giving access to students through the school as well. I understand the problems with students having You Tube access, but I am disappointed that the students in my class cannot fully experience the apps that I purchased for their use.

In the month of December I am going to focus the use of the ipad2 in my classroom for high frequency word automaticity. After assessing students current high frequency word automaticity for report cards I discovered that they are lacking the automaticity they need at this time of year. I have purchased a couple of apps already and plan to use them in the ipad station.

Vocabulary Building Apps:

Adventures for Kids
external image mzi.alsmdmzl.170x170-75.jpg

Mini Adventures - Let's Go and Learn the Alphabet
external image mzl.jpkipupc.170x170-75.jpg

Word Games for Kids - Futaba
external image mzl.hrmoznqt.170x170-75.jpg

Mini Adventures - Animals
external image mzl.fgwoinlx.170x170-75.jpg