Grade 1Maintained by:Michelle A. Goodwin
Anna E. Norris Elementary School


2011-2012 Professional Growth Goal


In the month of February my focus was to find apps that would support the first grade Sky Watchers unit of study. Sky watchers introduces first graders to the planets of our solar system, the rotation and tilt of the Earth on it's axis that gives us day and night, and the revolution of the Earth around the sun that gives us our seasons.

I was able to stumble upon an app in my iPhone called Solar Walk. This app is AMAZING! In this app you can view all the planets of our solar system, our sun and other stars, satellites, geography of several planets including Earth and our moon, watch movies of size comparisons of our solar systems planets and the sun, Earth's cycles of day and night as well as seasons, a solar eclipse, the moon phases and much, much more!

I was, needless to say, elated when I found this app. It was exactly what I was looking for to support my student's understanding of this very difficult concept of day, night, and seasons.

Solar Walk

Through the month of March I want to find more apps to support my students on their animal research projects that will enhance our language arts curriculum of elements of nonfiction.