Grade 6
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Brian Douglas

Franklin H. Mayberry Elementary School



piccollage.pngThis is a really creative app that I found. It allows you to paste multiple picture in a collage form. It's call "Pic Collage"
I recently did a project with my students and they wanted to see all of the projects again without going through and holding up their poster boards. Well, yes I could've simply put it in "PowerPoint" but, then a colleague suggested to put all of the projects in the hall for display. Sounded great but, when all the kids switch classes, they bumped into the boards, some boards fell over, you get the gust right. Then I thought about up a display board outside my room with a picture of their project. Love to but, we can or don't have a compatible printer to print from our iPads (maybe next years budget item request). My students all love the idea and asked if They could then keep their picture and could I make copies of some of the other project pictures for them too. Yeah sure, too much color ink, too expensive. Hence the idea of a collage. All groups, all kids, all projects together. One picture multiple copies...easy!
This is a simple interface and can be used for multiple uses.

collage.png $$$4.JPG