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Brian Douglas

Franklin H. Mayberry Elementary School


December has has a very busy month. Preparing my students with math, language development, reading skills, life skills, and so many other things going on.

I am still using the MathSkills App to improve my students basic math skills and trying to figure out how to compile data on top of data. Meaning. How can I save my students past data and use it to see improvement. Right now, it gets overwritten. Bummer. I've tried 50 million different ways to keep the data and I can't seem to do so. 1 solution and the only solution that I can think of is to do what we did with out Wiki space months. create a seperate, unique user name. ie. Brian...then Brian2...then Brian3.. If you have two students named Brian...errrr, use their first name and the first letter in there surname. BrianD1 and Brian1. Two different students.

December has also brought about an increase in my iPad use as a "whole class" tool. While at home, I search the net looking for info related to our course of study and then load my iPad2 with pics, info, etc and have it preloaded prior to getting to that lesson so that I can simply hooked it up and teach my lesson with fluidity instead of searching the web right then and there. Just a suggestion for those that stay up til midnight each night after the kids have all gone to bed and you can't sleep.

The Apps of the month are awesome (Memory Pro and Remember). They're both memory games that you can change the levels very easily and hopefully. I have my students that have completed Fastmath challenge themselves. They sometimes compete against each other as individuals and in small groups. Some of the applications of the game can be very challenging (even for me). But I'm hoping that their retention rate will increase...Memory Pro I use with my lower level students. It's a game where you simply click on a door and see the pic behind it and the the door shuts if you don't get a matching pair. You can change the levels real easily. It's fun.
Remember is far more challenging. Four different game types consisting of numbers and pictures and the challenge comes with the length of time you set for each set of pictures will be visible for the player to see and try and memorize. Tough game, challenging, and also fun.
Check them out below. Oh, They're FREE too..