Grade 6
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Brian Douglas

Franklin H. Mayberry Elementary School



Dragon Dictation


Well, CMT’s are over, the stress indicator has shot way down so, it’s time to enjoy teaching again. Every teacher cuts corners from time to time. I was always told “why reinvent the wheel?” So, I didn’t for this next app and it’s not bad either. Dragon Dictation. I’m going to call this my “super app”. This is a free app that allows you to simply press a record button, speak into the built –in-microphone and it dictates what you type. Awesome!

external image mzl.cagebdcy.320x480-75.jpg

This app saves so much time when planning and simply writing notes and comments. I used this app after correcting my student literature circle activities. I comment about each students work and the next day conference with them using my “dictated” note. Come on cool is that?

A couple of drawbacks are that it doesn’t always type exactly what you say. Or maybe it’s because I have a weird accent. So, you do have to go back and do some editing. Writing prompts are being scored this weekend and I plan to use this app for my conference comment on those too.
Also, I tried using this with one of my SPED student who has extreme difficulty with fine motor skills. She also has difficulty talking too. This app didn’t work. Her words were too slurred and came up jumbled. But that could be another use for this app.